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vr 8 nov 2019 19:00 - 22:30
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Groei - bewustzijnscentrum Bala
Gonca Gürses van Herpen & Kübra Saatçıoğlu

We will set on a journey inside with the healing sounds and raw cacao, which has been used in ceremonies in South America for thousands of years and is considered sacred. Cacao supports us to communicate easily with our inner guidance and vibrations of healing sounds open up the field for a deeper level.
During the ceremony, we can free ourselves from the burdens, get rid of negative or old emotions, thoughts, beliefs and thinking patterns.
While receiving healing at a cellular level in the magical vibrational field of sound, cacao works especially on the blockages in the heart, and opens up the space to live the feeling of love and gratitude.

Sound Healer Gonca Gürses van Herpen & Cacaoista Kübra Saatçıoğlu

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Personal investment: 70 Euro
Early bird: 65 Euro (till 18 October)

* No prior experience is needed, everyone is welcome!

Gonca (sound healer & singer) and Kübra (writer, shaman, cacaoista) are close friends who studied shamanism and shared a trip together into the heart of Amazon.
They united their healing powers and transformed it into a unique Sacred Sound & Cacao Ceremony which they have shared with many people so far.

Gonca Gürses van Herpen

was born in Munich. She had a BA degree in English teaching as a second language, then had a BM degree from İstanbul Mimar Sinan State Conservatory Performing Arts in Opera. She was a professional opera singer until she discovered the healing powers of the human voice. She studied the healing powers of the human voice "Sound Healing" technique with Jonathan Goldman, Laraaji, Sarah Benson and Gregg Braden in Colorado and received her Sound Healer certificate.

Since 2002 she has been exercising different healing techniques like healing with Gem Stones & Tuning forks, Crystal Bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Silver Violet Flame, Full Spectrum Healing, Golden Triangle, Orb of Life, Isis Blue Moon, Holly Grail, Ra-Sheeba, Munay-Ki, The Rite of the Womb, Shamballa MDH and etc. Still Gonca’s most powerful healing “instrument” is her own voice…

After many years of studies, attending workshops and while giving sessions, she combined all the knowledge and transformed it into her own personal and unique Sound Healing technique. In 2017 August, she moved from İstanbul to Eemnes with her daughter Şira and husband Wilco.

She continues giving Sound Healing individual therapies, group workshops, voice & sound baths, performing, singing, teaching music and doing vocal improvisation, and overtone singing.

Kübra Saatçıoğlu

The author was born in Ankara-Turkey in 1975. After completing her post graduate studies, she continued her academic career in the university. During her PhD studies, she decided to change her life in all respects and left her academic career and the university.
In 2006, she got married with Kemal Saatcioglu whom she has been sharing their common passion to life and sea, and created a family with their two kids; a boy named Ruzgar (Wind) and the girl named Çakıl (Pebbles)

From Kubra Saatcioglu…
I am the practitioner and the constant student of the Shamanic path.

All my continuing workshops; “The Dance of the Soul, Great Gathering”, “Walking with My Spirit Animal” and “A Journey to Your Inner Self” (which I give “Munay Ki” rites within) are all based on the two fundamental principles of this ancient path; Everything in life has a soul and they all connected to each other.

I was introduced to “Plant Medicine”, during my Ayahuasca Journey to Peruvian Amazonas, together with my master Felis Kohen, with the intention of receiving my death rites by the guidance of Ayahuasca. Besides my connection with Ayahuasca and Peruvian Amazonas, I do organize Cacao Ceremonies by the wisdom that I’ve received from my master Rebekah Shaman.

My novel named, “Ayahuasca Yolculuğu” (Ayahuasca Journey), published from Naviga Publications in December 2017. The book met the hearts of many readers in a short time and the second edition published in July 2008. My second book “İçimdeki Rehber Hayvan” (Walking with My Spirit Animal) which I’ve already commenced to share the practices in my work shop, will be meeting the readers by 2020.

My main and strong intention within all my works is to guide people to meet their inner love, inner strength and transfer their potential in their being, into their daily life.